Kiakis company offers logistic and transport services. We guarantee reliable kai rapid transport, through our sophisticated   services kai our European collaborators. With our modern vehicle fleet we offer reliable weekly door to door service, to and from major productive and commercial regions of Greece.

Our logistic services are :

  • Cargo storage and management in our storage space
  • Carriage, collection and distribution in Greece
  • Inventory tracking
  • Cargo stevedoring
  • Cargo insurance
  • Merchandise ownership title issue



Road transportation

For the immediate service needs of our clients we utilize our modern trucks which are :

  • Modern towed and trailer trucks
  • Dry cargo trucks
  • Flammable and/or chemical cargo trucks
  • Vehicles with special ADR licence
  • Special vehicles for carrying overweight or oversized cargo
  • Refrigerator trucks with the highest specifications equipped with thermographs and FCR/ATR credentials
  • Food carrying vehicles are provided with food transport license